Tuesday, July 6, 2010

early in the morning~~~

it's been a while again
i don't think i can update my blog as often as before anymore
well, don't know yet
cuz things are still quite unsettled yet
so many things accumulate in my head
right now, it's exam
nah~~~not only right now
once u're in usm
all u have to think are studies and exams
will try my best to write
"what my heart says"
maybe everyday but sometimes not
now in the stress mode
whatever i read never sticks in the head
so, blogging jap la~~
wasting the very little time left
for the exam to come
human being are like this
no matter how many times
it is stressed out that
time is gold
although it is not said
but it is done
what people do is
"some little time is to be wasted and not to be filled"
i'm starting to write merepek thing
so better to stop now

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